Sandra M. Boulay has consistently worked for non-profit groups since her early days in practice. 

            Attorney Boulay began her involvement with Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities when Sister William Hurley, asked for a hand in working through some of the legal issues involved with the acquisition of the house on Lawrence Street, in Lowell, Massachusetts, established as housing in the 1980’s for individuals living with the AIDS virus and a meeting place for support groups for their families.  Attorney Boulay found this work interesting, inspiring and challenging all at the same time.  With the help of building professionals, surveyors, community organizers, social workers, and the support of the community, Sister Willie’s dream became a reality and on February 16, 1995,  the Julie House was established.

            Attorney Boulay served on the Merrimack Valley Catholic Charity Board of Directors for ten years, from 1995 to 2005 and serving as as a Board Member and eventually as its President.  She was actively involved with the annual fundraiser which contributes to the support of the local Catholic Charities’ many worthwhile programs, such as foster care, grandparents as parents, counseling, support groups, food bank and more.

            In 1995, Attorney Boulay, joined the Board of Directors for Children’s Center of Faith United Methodist Church, Inc., where she continues her Board involvement, now as an executive board member.  Attorney Boulay has worked in a pro bono capacity for various legal interests of the organization.   The daycare center enrolls 150-160 children, from infants and toddlers, through elementary school age children providing before and after school care and summer programming.   

            Attorney Boulay was appointed to the Methuen Conservation Commission in 2008, where she just recently was appointed for another term.   Involvement in this Commission allows Attorney Boulay to honor her civic duty, participating in overseeing activity subject to the wetlands protection act.  This Board’s role is conditioning activity to regulate or prohibit activity which falls within the commission’s jurisdiction and which is necessary to protect the public interest. 

            Aside from these Boards, Attorney Boulay volunteers for the Lawyer of the Day program as a member of the Greater Lowell Bar Association and is a certified volunteer conciliator at the Lowell District Court.

            The staff  at Boulay Law Firm share in supporting Attorney Boulay in these endeavors, and with their support this attorney is able to productively and successfully invest in these many activities.

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